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Check out our three new music videos for songs from the upcoming album NERO.

Nero – title track from the new album NERO

Constant Vacation – from the new album NERO

Almost Darlin’ – live studio video from the new album NERO

Pre-order the upcoming album HERE and get the title track instantly.

The new album has gotten some nice reviews in the US over the last couple months. Here are some clippings…

“Americana with a European perspective.”

“spare, gorgeously ambling indie-folk… lilting vocals and thoughtful lyricism.”  
Paste Magazine 

“Fisher crafts simple, yet emotionally complex meanderings … with pen ready to strike a la Billy Bragg meets an old Johnny Cash notebook.” 
No Depression

“Ian Fisher’s got a way with words only a traveled man can grasp. What began for him in Missouri, USA, has carried him all the way to Berlin in search of songs, and there’s humor, humility, and a sense of gravitas to watermark his latest album as official symbols of his wandering.”
American Standard Time

“’Nero’ shows Fisher’s emotive directness and his knack at building a pulling composition with acoustic and pedal steel guitar and spacious piano notes. Fisher’s insightful compositions bear a resemblance to the biting folk of Cowboy Junkies, Vic Chesnutt and Hiss Golden Messenger.” 
Glide Magazine

I will be an official artist at SXSW next year!


New Album NERO & Nearly 50 New Concerts

Dear Friends,

I have some big news that I’ve been waiting to tell you for a very long time. I’m finally going to release the album that I’ve been working on for nearly two years! It’s called NERO, it will be released on Snowstar Records, and I will be playing its songs for the next half year all over the US and Europe! If you’re even partially as excited as I am, then pre-order a physical copies of the album now by clicking on the image below or a digital version by copy and pasting this link [], and check out our tour dates to come hear us play it live! Thank you very much for your interest and support!

Sincerely, ian


Ian Fisher Tour Dates

Forest Recording


I’m happy to announce the release of our new album, Forest Recording! I recorded it last summer with my friends Simon Bauer and Daniel Schröteler in the forest, hence the title. It’s a very special album for us. We spent about five years conceptualizing it. It’s funny that it only took us less than an hour to execute. C’est la vie… In the background you can hear the birds singing and the big pine trees swaying in the breeze. Check out our beautiful “studio” in the videos below and order your copy of the vinyl HERE!

Friends don’t let friends tour alone…

Tour of Tours Poster

I’ve been talking with my friends Honig, Tim Neuhaus, Jonas David, and Town of Saints for the last few years about learning eachother’s songs, renting a big bus, and going on a super tour together… a “Tour of Tours”. I’m very happy to announce that it’s actually going to happen! These shows will be filled with creativity, chaos, honesty, and beautiful examples of all the little reasons behind why we make the music that we do. We hope that you all will come and be a part of it too!

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Tickets at

New 7″ Vinyl Out Soon


Last September, we spent a week in a Brooklyn brownstone basement with our friend the Reverend John Delore. When we get together, there are a few things that just happen: music making, surreal discussions, trouble-making at the surrounding watering holes, storytelling of an unmatchably high caliber, and documenting of all of the above. Thus, at the end of the week, we had a quirky 3 track EP, a record of the most relaxed and fun time we’ve ever had in the studio. We named it “Canadian Patriot Waitress” after a woman we met that week, one of the many characters that made that time singular. We printed 150 super limited edition, hand-stamped 7″ vinyls full of shit-kicking, weepy country waltzes, rapturous agnostic gospel sing-a-longing, and a cut-off denim jacket with a Velvet-Elvis style painting of one of the band members delivering a sermon wearing only a cowboy hat and Hanes on the back. Reading this back, I can barely believe it myself.

    You can pre-order the 7″ vinyl now by clicking HERE or buy it after September 13th by clicking HERE.